Why Do So Many College Courses Rely on Essay Writing To Assess Students?


Going to college is an important thing for a lot of people, particularly in America where a college level education is almost seen as an essential if you want to work in most professional fields. You can study almost anything at college, and there is a course for almost all potential career paths, so for many people, it is easy to find something that matches both their ambitions and interests and their natural talents.

Of course, there are many fields that a person can be talented in or can work hard to be good at, and only a portion of them involve writing. It is understandable that people doing humanities or business courses need to demonstrate good written skills, as a lot of the jobs relating to these require good written communication. Equally, it is important if you want to study something where writing effectively is the main part of what you do, like journalism or marketing. However, when there are so many disciplines in the world where very good writing skills are not that important, and these include everything from graphic design, architecture and music through to engineering, computer programming and mathematics, why is it that colleges tend to assess students at so many points throughout their academic careers using essay writing?

>Why Essays Are Used

It is pretty obvious that essays are not the best way to assess all kinds of skills, however they are used on just about all courses, and are also an important factor in college admissions. This may not seem very fair if you aren’t all that good at expressing what you know in essay form and are studying something where writing doesn’t seem very important, yet it is pretty much always going to be something you will have to do at college. One of the reasons for this is that it is easier for colleges and exam boards to assess this kind of work remotely and in their own time. It is also because essays allow you to explain your understanding of something in written terms – you may be able to do something practical, but they need to know you understand why you do it the way you do. Unfair as it may seem, a certain standard of writing ability is also considered a basic skill that everyone at college should be able to demonstrate (even if often expectations go beyond basic and into ‘it has to read like a professional wrote it’ territory). It may not be a perfect system but it is, unfortunately, colleges are likely to continue with.

What Can You Do?

If you really are struggling with the demand for essays on your course, one option is to get help from professional service. Otherwise, you can try and boost your essay writing abilities by using things like apps and other resources designed to help you write better. Pass the assessment with an excellent grade by sending your write my essay requests to DoMyEssays.com.

Essays can be the bane of some students’ lives, but even if you lack writing skills or have to write them in a second language, there are things out there that can help you succeed.

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