What you need to know about writing an essay


Essay made to present the opinions, views, or personal expression of the author. Essay usually discuss about something going on in the community. Just like other papers, an essay has several important aspects:

This thing should be determined first. Decide on a theme that is able to attract potential readers. You can choose a controversial theme or themes that are under discussion in the community.

Once the theme is determined; do research through various sources, such as the Internet and books. This needs to be done to support any argument that would be submitted. Never submit an argument without supporting evidence. If your essay is considered to have no supporting evidence then you will fail, in the sense of failure to deliver all of your argument.

Creating an outline
Outline is very useful to summarize the whole theme in an organized format. With the help of an outline, you will not get lost in conveying all the ideas in your essay.

Selection of words
Of course you have to pay attention to the wording so that what you are saying can flow smoothly. Use formal language because usually essays are read by intellectuals. By using the formal language your essay will be structured well.

Know the main parts of an essay

The essay can be divided into three basic parts, namely introduction, body of the essay, and conclusions. Introduction contains the reasons underlying the choice of theme. You need to give special attention to this part because it is the foundation of the essay. Body of the essay is the part where you explain your argument equipped by supporting evidence. While the conclusion is the essay section that confirms your opinion. Conclusion made with the intent to influence the reader to agree to what written in the essay. Conclusion can also be written with the purpose of educating the reader.