What is Microsoft Azure? A Comprehensive Guide


Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service that provides provisional computer resources that include remotely hosted versions of Microsoft’s own products and technologies and open source technologies such as Linux technologies which can be deployed inside a virtual machine. Microsoft and other third parties offer some Microsoft Azure Training.

Service like Azure is replacing the expensive practice of storing all your own data in server that you purchase. Cloud services are essentially the new way of storing and accessing data as local physical processors disappear and accessing data from the cloud appear. Cloud services provide software subscriptions mainly, for example like Microsoft’s Office 365 suite.

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure

But to build your own application and to launch it in a virtual machine, Azure is a resource you can use. Azure provides an affordable alternative to the heavy budget that used to be required for resource provisions. Clients pay for their usage for the remote cloud that they use, rather than having to buy and install server towers. The great thing about Azure is it’s adaptability to any environment, so startups can compete with huge Fortune 500 companies and then later easily transition to bigger setups.

Microsoft Azure is sectioned off as four different services:

• Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

This the base service Microsoft Azure provides where clients are given a server in the cloud. They control the virtual machine and given full autonomy of the management, from the operating system to the application they’ll be deploying.

• Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Along with a server in the cloud, clients are given an operating system, a database, a web server, a code executor and other services. Microsoft Azure deals with the operating system and other minor details so you can focus on your own work.

• Software as a Service

A platform where applications are built and hosted on third party vendors. Most applications are built on a cloud to avoid high costs and ease of availability is easy.

Microsoft Azure Training
Microsoft Azure Training

Microsoft Azure Training

Microsoft itself offers training in Microsoft Azure through their Microsoft Virtual Academy. They offer tiers of training, starting form beginner to intermediate and then advance course. Anyone from students to people who work closely with Microsoft Azure can gain some thorough insight, as Microsoft even offers free courses to its customers.

If you’re an absolute beginner, start with the Microsoft Azure for IT Pros Content Series: Introduction to Microsoft Azure, part of a series of six courses.

Microsoft has an entire training page on its website specifically for Microsoft Azure, all of which are free. People taking the course will be given certifications for their Microsoft Azure training.

Microsoft Learning is another tool that teaches you Microsoft Azure through the Microsoft Virtual Academy and paid training. After the courses and lessons, you’ll be given links to certification exams.

Microsoft Azure has a 30 day free trial period, so you can play around with it to get to know the ins and outs of it.