What is Cyber Security and Career Tips as a Cyber Security Expert?


Do you want to know more info about cyber security if “YES” thank god you landed at right page lets discuss in detail about what is cyber security.

The term cyber security was discovered in 1988. As a result it is one of the first ever registered online viruses the Morris worm the worm caused many of the 60,000 computers connected to the internet. Cyber security has come to signify a form of protection from attacks designed to paralyze websites financial networks and other computer systems by flooding them with data from outside computers.

Cyber Security Plan
Cyber Security Plan

If we divide the word cyber security (I mean cyber + security) into two words you’ll find it is made up of the words cyber and security. The dictionary defines the word cyber as relating to or involving computers or computer networks. In other words Cyber is essentially anything related to technology which includes computer systems like laptops servers and Mobile Phones. Computer networks such as the internet or local area networks computer programs such as operating systems and user applications in data like your personal assets or important files.

So with an understanding of what cyber is let’s look at what is cyber security?

Cyber security is the protection of these computer systems, computer networks, computer programs and data against hackers when systems are protected it is known as system security. Patching is an example of system security when computer networks are protected it is called network security. A firewall is one part of network security which controls. When software programs are made secure it is known as application security. When dia is made secure it is known as information security and finally cyber security is incomplete without the end user so you and I play a big part in cyber security.

Network Security
Network Security

The good news is that antivirus and anti-malware software is available for your computer with the goal of protecting your operating system by stopping unwanted operations number four who’s protecting rights around the world governments are gearing up to tackle the next threat to global security cyber-attacks in some cases governmentally mandated programs.

In present day it’s very easy to learn cyber security because there are many cyber security training course institutions who will teach you perfectly as of industry level training.

Tips To Become a Cyber Security Expert:

• Want to have a career in the cyber security field then you will need to start your focus to becoming a security expert.
• Lot of companies are asking juniors for five years of cyber security experience. Start doing some research on the fields that you like for.
• Some positions require at least one year of experience the key skills for becoming a computer security expert include analytical written and verbal communication problem solving and organization skills ability to use network security or other related software and ability to use industry tools such as Network analyzers.

For example:- I am interested in social engineering ethical hacking and cyber conflict so I started a website which I used to collect and research topics.

Become Cyber Security Expert
Become Cyber Security Expert

Start practicing with security tools I cannot stress enough how important it is to have hands-on experience this means that you are able to perform a task without doing too much a research on it.

Start using the Kali Linux environments to try and test various security tools which are often demanded by clients.

Stay ethical do not cross to the dark side young the Darwin why as it is illegal and it will harm your credibility when you try to apply for future jobs.

Do not use your techniques to do home use your knowledge to provide a more secure environment find companies that have the time to train you once you apply for a job as a junior security expert you will need to keep in mind that your primary focus should be to gain knowledge on how to become a better security expert don’t be afraid to express yourself.

A security expert needs to be able to explain the output of the reports to the client this means that you will need to be able to communicate with people that are not in the security field make sure that the client understands what is being told and if everything is clear during conferences and talks you will be able to network with a lot of people in the same security field make sure that you connected people talk about various security topics.

People enjoy talking about those topics during security conferences raise awareness.