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Different types of solar heat systems are available in the market. The body of solar hot water system is prepared from a storage tank and solar collector panels. In order to run a family of four members, 360L of tank is required with four square meters of solar area. A little larger tank would be suitable for days that receive less sunlight.

How are the different components fitted?

The collector panels of split or pumped systems are fitted on the roof. However, the tank is fitted at ground level. The hot water passes through the pump and enters the tank. It is important to install the panel in the right direction. Northern direction is the most suitable location to increase efficiency of system.

The collectors are either prepared from the evacuated tubes or flat panels. The efficient evacuated tubes cover less surface area. However, they are quite expensive than the panels. A gas booster is placed in the storage tank so that water remains hot even during winters.

If you live in the frost prone areas, do not forget to install highly reliable and efficient frost tolerant panels. They are manufactured using a unique technology. The heat exchange fluid present in the system will heat the tank and not water directly.

These solar systems are expensive to install. You might need to spend a month in the installation. However, it is worth spending time and money in them.

How will the heat pump systems work?

The heat pump hot water system on the other hand works on the same principle as that of AC or refrigerator. They will extract heat from air and use it to heat the tank. The systems are prepared from integrated units. Make sure that you install the system in well- ventilated area.

The compressor installed in the system could be a little noisy. These systems will work most efficiently in warm and temperate regions.  However, the advanced systems would easily work in the cold climatic conditions, too. The 270- 315L of tank is sufficient to run family of four persons. Tanks are available in different sizes like 125L, 400L etc.

There are range of companies assuring to offer best solar system installation and maintenance. Solar systems San Diego are experts specialize in selling advanced quality solar powered systems. You could call the experts to know, which the right system for your home is. They will evaluate the requirements, location and space before suggesting the best system for your needs.

The heat pump hot water system might not offer satisfactory results in all states. The experts are aware of the shortcomings of these systems and recommend the most suitable ones.

Installation of solar powered systems is quite complicated than ordinary ones. The heat pump on the other hand is easy to fit just like any other outdoor tank systems. While fitting solar panels, you would require a section of roof that receives great sunshine. Else it is not useful to install them.