Tips for learning a new Language


Whether you are learning the English language (ดภาษา งกฤษ) or any other languages, it is important that you try your best to absorb as much as you can. Learning a new language can be difficult at times but it is not impossible. Here are some other tips that you can consider if you are or will be learning a new language.

  1. Take your Time.

Do not be in a rush to learn the language thoroughly in just a few months. What you should do instead is to enjoy the time you are spending on mastering this new language. Do not just hear the words that are being said but rather listen to them. Hearing and listening are two different things and make sure you are doing the latter. It will further enhance your language mastery.

  1. Make it fun

Why should learning be boring in the first place? Think of ways that you can make the learning experience more fun for you. Instead of just trying to learn from the book, try fun ways you can do it like watching a movie in the language that you are learning which has subtitles so that you can still follow what’s being said in the movie.

  1. Learn with others

Again, this makes things more fun! Sometimes, trying to learn things alone can be quite boring. Have someone learn the language with you and the two of you, or maybe even the whole group if there are more members, can even have a conversation in the language you are learning.

  1. Make friends with native speakers of the language

And of course, keep a dictionary handy. You might even want to have your pen and paper ready, or even just your smart phone, so you can jot down new vocabulary words that you have learned in your conversations with them. You can review these words/phrases later on as well or use them as reference, if needed.

Another great thing about talking to native speakers of the language is that you will learn to speak in a more natural way than you would if you only learned from a textbook. There are some things that these textbooks cannot teach at all but the locals can!

  1. Believe that you can

Do not go all pessimistic by telling yourself that you cannot do it. Make yourself believe that you will learn the language and you will be surprised at how much you can achieve when you set your mind to it.

  1. Stay away from tourist spots

If you are visiting the place, stay away from places where they often use or speak English. Instead opt to go for places where little to no English is spoken why you need to do this? so you will be forced to learn the language and later on you will be shocked to know that the little that you know can turn into so much in a short span of time.