The Thriving Online Education Market Why You Need to Get In on It Today


When’s the last time you watched an online instructional video? If you’re like millions of other Americans, it may have been just yesterday or even today. Online videos are more than just the wave of the future, they’re already here, and they’re making a whopping 55 percent of all Americans smarter. Online courses have taught us how to tile kitchen floors, remove dents from our vehicle’s’ side panels and learn a second language. They help us with Common Core math and ancient history, and they assist us in nailing down promotions at work and in learning everything our bosses ever wanted us to know about motivating our employees.

All from the comfort of our collective couch.

Learning Online
Learning Online

Millions of People Are Learning Online

Over the last thirteen years, online education has continued to grow at an impressive rate, leading up to today’s 5.8 million students who currently take at least one class online.

That’s quite an untapped market for providers of online instruction or online teaching.

If you know how to train your dog properly or how to safely and effectively learn a new dance step in record time, you can teach that skill to others via videos you produce for online instruction.

And you can make good money doing it.

Doubt that?

You shouldn’t.

Celebrities Are Taking Online Courses Too

Millions of people turn to the internet everyday in search of instruction, even for such mundane topics as how long to roast a turkey or how to get your kids to bed at night without a battle. Others, like basketball great Shaquille O’Neal, take online instruction much farther. O’Neal earned an MBA degree online, says the New York Daily News, and afterward, he went on to earn his doctorate through a blended curriculum that uses both face-to-face and online courses. Online education counts for something in today’s America, and it’s a fully recognized alternative to taking traditional classes at the local college.

Most of the time, it’s more economical and more convenient too, especially for those lifelong learners who aren’t considered to be traditional students. Folks who must work around job schedules and family responsibilities are huge demographics for those who produce online courses.

Online Education
Online Education

Employers Are Embracing Online Education

As far back as 2010, employers had begun embracing online instruction as a viable way to effectively train for a career. Eighty-three percent of business executives surveyed in that year agreed that online courses were credible so long as they came from reputable, accredited institutions, said CNN. This means that it’s no longer necessary to put life on hold while you attend a four-year college that’s a two-hour commute each way.

You can schedule your education during the times that fit your life, and millions of present and future employers will accept your credits and your degree as valid because they are.

And once you’ve landed that dream job, you can expect to continue your learning via online as millions of companies turn to the producers of online video content for training purposes. It’s through online content that many companies instruct their employees on OSHA requirements, the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and where the Material Data Safety Sheets (MSDS) are located and how to use them.

Orientation at many new jobs is sometimes an entire day just dedicated to watching this type of online content and filling out paperwork afterward to make sure it was understood.

Now imagine — what if you were the one producing that content, instead of the one watching it? What if you could produce quality videos that companies like this want and need?

Wouldn’t that be a fun and exciting new job niche?

If you’re someone who is able to create quality, instructional videos to educate the masses, it’s certainly a talent worth pursuing in today’s digital world.

Online Education Courses
Online Education Courses

You Can Benefit Too

Of course, before people begin watching, and paying to watch, your instructional videos and online education courses, you have to get them out there to the masses. The best way is to partner with a reputable distributor such as UScreen. To be successful in this niche, you’ll need more than just having your courses appear online. A solid marketing partner will also provide you with such things as:

• Integrated email
• Tracking and analytics
• Advertising
• Subscription services
• Support
• Website hosting
• Domains

A good partner will do more than simply put your content online. They’ll help you find and build your audience too. It all comes down to knowing and understanding your audience. Who’s going to benefit most from the content you provide, and how do you reach them and keep them engaged long enough to gain a conversion?

Content Online
Content Online

Sure, there’s been the odd story here and there of folks who’ve simply uploaded a video and found overnight success online, but with the competition that’s vying for your audience today, this scenario is nearly impossible to achieve anymore. You need an edge, a hook, and you need a way to track your success to see exactly who’s watching and what content they want to see.

That’s where a video and online education platform like Uscreen can help. Uscreen has been in business since 2012, helping bring audiences to over 1,000 producers of online instructional content. Founder of Uscreen, PJ Taei, has a goal “to empower people to grow their businesses through online video,” and has helped individual clients increase their revenue to over $1 million.

If you have the talent and the ability to devise an online education course, Uscreen can help you get it out there.