The benefits of studying in Australia – Education, culture, and language


Australia is full of fun opportunities and innovation. If you ever get the chance to study in Australia you should make the most of your student years and complete your degree there. Australia is a multicultural nation with a rich history. You will be immersed in culture language nature and prospects if you choose to study in Australia. The universities are among the best in the world and this should be your main reason for choosing to complete your degree in Australia. However you can’t forget about the amazing way of life in Australia from beaches to forests and bush landscapes there is nothing it can’t offer its citizens or visitors. This blog will highlight the benefits you will receive by studying in Australia.

Australia’s leading universities

There are 42 universities in Australia and 7 of them rank in the world’s top 100 list while over half of them appear in the first 400 top universities in the world. But why? Australia’s universities are highly regarded around the world for the quality and innovation of their research programs. Earning a degree from Australia will be internationally recognised and respected. The universities there pride themselves on undertaking pioneering research and have been successful in developing a vaccine for cervical cancer and also played a key role in achieving the highest efficiency when it comes to solar power conversion to electricity.

The knowledge and innovation in Australian universities filter down through postgraduate and undergraduate programs meaning that from the very beginning of your time in the university you will be studying with the most respected professors and surrounded by quality research. A definite positive if you want to study in Australia is that the education system is based on the British education system meaning that your degree will almost immediately be recognised in Britain once it is completed. General academic degrees like a Bachelor of Arts or Science are much broader in Australia. This is a definite positive as it will give you the opportunity to tailor your degree to your specific desires and needs. When it comes to picking courses to complete there is a wide range available to you. Not only do you get a wider range of subjects to choose from but the professors are much more accessible in Australia and this comes down to the relaxed and informal nature of their teaching style.

Accommodation and Facilities

Going to university is not just about studying, it is about growing as an adult and learning to be independent and self-sufficient for life. Many employers will look at a resume and notice that a candidate had the initiative and confidence to go overseas to complete their degree, regardless of why you chose to do it. By choosing to study in Australia you will be immersed in the best education that the world has to offer. However, you will also be able to experience some of the activities that make Australia one of the best countries in the world to live. Whether you like the beach, the forest or the bush, Australia has it all just waiting for you.

If you choose to go to Australia to study you will have a range of accommodation options to choose from, such as halls of residence, university managed apartments and residential colleges. Many recreational groups and support networks are available if you choose one of these options for accommodation when you arrive in Australia. Each of the universities has its own accommodation services that will help you choose a suburb to live if you choose to live off campus, and they will help with things such as price range and location. All of the universities have International offices and it is their job to look after international students. These offices will help you with health insurance, medical issues, pastoral care, personal help and academic support. If you are getting serious about fulfilling this dream, head over to to start looking at the different universities in Australia that you can choose from.

Immerse yourself in culture and education

As I said before university is not just about studying – it is also about fun. There is no better place in the world to have fun than in Australia. Regardless of what your interests are you will find like-minded people that enjoy doing the same activities as you. So after a full week of university study you can choose to have a surfing lesson go for a bush walk maybe a camping trip in one of the national parks or my personal favourite – take in some of the world’s best shopping. There are a plethora of activities for you to enjoy and whether they be in the city or in the bush you will be spoilt for choice. When you first arrive in Australia it is a good idea to get in contact with the universities’ International offices in order to find out about social groups that might interest you.

One of a great many reasons why studying in Australia is so appealing to everyone is that Australia is a multicultural society. Here you will be surrounded by people from all over the world and it is a social paradise for people who like to be surrounded by different people and cultures. This is so important in the education sector because it will allow for different perspectives on cultural religious and political ideologies. Further to this the teaching has to be so dynamic and diverse much more so than in Europe or America because there is such a range of students to cater for. So get over to Australia and join the social paradise of diversity.

Innovation and work

One of the main reasons that Australian universities rank so highly in the world besides their innovation and research opportunities is the practical approach they take to teaching and learning. Do you all remember how Facebook was started? In Australia learning takes on a student centred and driven approach. But it is this type of innovation and self-driven motivation that turn out the best minds in the world and that is increasingly respected in the workforce. Recent changes to legislation in Australia means that it has become easier to gain a visa that allows you to work in your chosen field for a time after completing your degree (conditions apply). So after weighing in all of this I suggest you head over to and start researching universities in Australia!