The Benefits Of IPAF Training Courses


There are many benefits to taking IPAF training courses, and as well as ensuring that Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) operators have the required training to operate this type of machinery, they provide solid instruction on how to use the machinery, and how to ensure the safety of the operator, anybody else working on or around the platform, and members of the public. It is a legal requirement that operators have adequate training, and IPAF courses are among some of the most widely acknowledged and accepted of courses available.


Operators are trained on how to safely use the platform. This not only means ensuring that the machinery is placed in a suitable position; one that offers the greatest safety to the user and to others. It also means determining the most appropriate safety harness and lanyard to use while on the platform.

Harnesses and lanyards save lives, because they not only prevent falls from height but they also secure the operator meaning that a close call remains exactly that. Even if the operator trips or slips while on the platform, or if the platform is bumped, the operator will not be thrown from the machinery so they will be able to continue the safe operation of the MEWP.

No matter how much training a person has, and no matter how carefully they set up the MEWP, however, there are still risks involved in using this type of machinery, and things can still go wrong. Shifting ground surface, a vehicle bumping into the machinery, or even operator illness may all cause potential hazards.

For these reasons, and because of the potential damage and injury that can be caused by this large machinery, it is critical that users establish emergency procedures. Hopefully these procedures will not need to be used, but they must be in place because they can ensure that the operator is returned to the ground safely, and make allowance for a number of different types of accident and injury. Setting up effective emergency procedures means first identifying all the potential risks, and an IPAF training course teaches you to recognise these risks and how to legislate for them during the creation of emergency procedures.

As well as emergency procedures, a rescue plan should also be created. If the operator were to become stuck, or they became lodged between platform and building, unable to operate the machinery, then there must be some way of safely retrieving the operator without exacerbating any injuries that have been sustained. This is another area where IPAF training courses are beneficial – they provide you with the knowledge that is necessary to recognise potential traps and hazards, and they enable you to be able to create a rescue plan that can be easily followed by you and others around you.

MEWPs are a highly beneficial tool that can provide access to otherwise inaccessible areas. However, their size, weight, and mechanical nature means that they can also pose a hazard unless the operator has appropriate training, allowing them to assess risks, draw up emergency procedures, and create rescue plans that are easily implementable.

IPAF training courses from The Safety Maintenance Company provide you with all the necessary knowledge and tools to be able to safely operate MEWPs, and to enable you to be able to create implementable and reliable emergency procedures and rescue plans.