Some Important Factors to Consider when Selecting an Online School and Course


Distance learning has become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to the proliferation of the Internet and the additional convenience and ease it brings. Today, more and more students are resorting to distance learning for the simple reason that it allows them to study in the comfort and convenience of their own homes without having to commute a long distance or go out of their way just to attend their classes.

Many institutes offer a good variety of distance learning courses, but then here is where the difficulty lies: which institute offers the best distance learning course or degree you are looking to attain? To know this, you would have to look at a few major factors.

Guest PostThe school or institute’s accreditation

A school or institute’s accreditation is one of the foremost considerations when you are selecting the right educational setting for your needs. If the institute has the right accreditation, you have additional peace of mind knowing that they will at least follow a certain set of standards when it comes to education. If the institute you are looking into has several accreditations from different agencies, then it follows that these agencies and organisations have assessed the institute’s courses and offerings and found them good enough to have a certain degree of merit.

When it comes to accreditation, you can also check whether the institute has gained accreditation on a regional or national basis, as there is a difference. Also, if the subject or course you would like to study is associated with a governing body or agency, then you may also want to check if the institute has earned recognition or accreditation from that agency.

Online learning institutes such as the Communications & Management Institute in Ireland, for example, (learn more about their course offerings at has been accredited by agencies such as ICM, or the Institute of Commercial Management, the CIPS or the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply, among others. It has also been recognised by the CQI, or Chartered Quality Institute, and more. You can always visit the CMI website ( any time for additional information.


The school or institute’s reputation

Another major factor to consider is the institute’s reputation. Obviously, the better the institute’s reputation, the better it is for you. To learn more about their reputation, you can check reviews from past and present students on the Internet that give details on their experiences with the school and whether these experiences are generally on the positive side or could serve as recommendation or not. If the students’ reviews are not-so-satisfactory, you may well want to think about another school or institute.

The school or institute’s services for students

Plenty of online schools today also offer a plethora of services for their students as a way of competing with traditional schools or institutes which are campus-based. If you can, find out if the institute you are eyeing offers additional services for students, such as online library resources, tutoring services, career guides and services, and more. With these types of services, you can enhance your online learning experience and even increase your chances of success after completing the course or degree.

Once you have chosen the institute and course you would like to take, you have to commit yourself to it and make sure that you do your best. But of course, you knew that already. But with the right services and resources at your disposal, you can at least have a better chance at a lucrative and successful career path – one that should take you quite far indeed.