Sign up for a Semester in Washington DC for a Rewarding Life


georgetownMy Semester in Washington DC was from an accredited college that promised me an excellent opportunity to extend my expertise to widen my experience in academics.  There could not have been anything better than getting to learn in the middle of the nation’s capital. The program I chose was certainly novel in form and effect. With semesters starting in the fall and extending to spring as well as summer semesters, my curriculum promised a vibrant classroom experience which I was looking forward to explore. The semester commenced and what I experienced was much more than what I had anticipated. I could not believe that right in the heart of cultural landscape of Washington D.C., I was experiencing the best blend of practicality and theoretical know-how.

The classroom setting was simply a delight for me with international experts and business leaders rendering students with guest lectures. It was exhilarating for getting to participate on discussions pertaining to current events. I was eagerly looking forward for summer internship in DC. But before that I had a serious task before me. I had to complete a guided independent research project. In doing so, I had to work closely with university’s research advisor. Not only did I need to discover a theme of interest but apply my learning constructively. I was pleased to see that the academic pursuits from this university were productive and helped me imbibe significant theory from the course.

The semester in DC was very much similar to the semester in San Francisco which I had known through a friend. With the San Francisco Program, my friend had an exclusive opportunity to reside, learn, and get employed in the lively city of San Francisco.  My friend had an amazing opportunity to unify Semester in San Francisco with the one in Washington DC. In doing so, he could get to learn cultures from two wonderful cities in the US to procure a fulfilling academic experience.

My summer internship in DC followed the academic and research quests, wherein I had an amazing time invested at least 5 days a week at an internship firm. I had previously elected to do a course in Liberal Studies program. My internship at a business firm was based on the elective chosen by me. In my last semester, I will be getting options to join pr agencies, law firms, federal agencies, and also non-profit organization.  I would definitely encourage students who have just graduated and who desire to pursue their academics further to join the semester at DC or San Francisco.  In doing so, they can elect entrepreneurship as their concentration or elect digital innovation and technology.

I have learnt a lot through my internship. The semester has groomed me well enough to take an independent stand on most things in life. This semester is a great personality enhancer wherein I got to know more than mere academics. If you are someone who desires to get a good blend of practical learning with theory, then it is pertinent that you enroll in the forthcoming semester right away.


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