Tips On Saving Money While Attending College


It is a well-known fact that many college students do not bring in a lot of money and therefore live on a budget. It can be difficult to live on a budget, but it is not impossible. As a college student, there are a lot of businesses that want college students like you to be their consumer. For this reason, they offer discounts to college. When you are traveling, eating in a restaurant, shopping, buying insurance, or a cell phone plan.

Clothes Shopping

When you are going shopping for clothes, look for clothing items that are durable and practical that will last a long time. You should also look for clothes that do not require dry cleaning as that will cost you more money to clean them. A lot of stores also have a rewards program for people that sign up to get their emails. These rewards usually includes a percentage off of your first purchase with them. Another great way to lower the cost of clothes would be to use discount or coupons which can be found online. Finding TJ Maxx discount codes would allow you to get designer clothes without spending as much money.

Clothes Shopping
Clothes Shopping

Be Frugal When Buying Food

No matter how tight your budget is, you still have to eat. There are ways for you to save money on food while you are going to college (and even after you graduate). You can save money on food by:

• Meal Planning – If your meal plan is already paid for, it is a good idea to eat that food instead of going out to eat.
• Abstaining From Alcohol- Not only is alcohol expensive, it is also not good for you. If you do not buy alcohol, you are not only saving money but benefiting from the health benefits.
• Be Your Own Chef- Buying your own food and cooking it at home will save you a lot of money in comparison to eating out.

• Find Free Meals on Campus- A lot of clubs provide free food during their meetings. There are often events on campus that provide meals for students as well.
• Be a Smart Shopper- Before you go to a store to buy food, look for what is on sale, for coupons, and sign up for their loyalty programs.
• Be Resourceful When Eating at a Restaurant- When you are planning to eat at a restaurant, visit their website to see if they have any coupons, promotions, or specials. A lot of restaurants will give you a free appetizer or entree or a percentage off of your meal. Also, if you eat a restaurant during lunch or happy hour, it is typically less expensive than eating there during dinner.
• Plan a Potluck- Instead of going out to eat, plan a monthly or weekly potluck with your friends.
• Cook Your Food While You Are in Class- How is this possible. All you need to do is purchase a slow cooker and you can cook all kinds of meals in it all day while you go to your classes.
• Stay Away From the Coffee Shop- Instead of going to the coffee shop every morning, buy a coffee maker and make your own coffee.
• Make Use of a Mini Fridge- Instead of using vending machines and shopping at a convenience store, buy snacks and soft drinks from a grocery store. Stocking up on snacks there will save you money.

Saving Money While Attending College
Saving Money While Attending College

Be Economical When Looking For Entertainment

• Find Complementary Events on Campus- Colleges often have a lot of free events from concerts to movies that are free of charge to their students.

• Find Low-Priced Pastimes- Running, reading (checking out free books from the library), or even cheap hobbies like sewing are inexpensive things to do in your spare time.
• Forgo The Fitness Club- Instead of joining a gym and paying their membership dues, look around your campus. They may have free fitness classes. They typically have sports teams that you can try out for as well.

These tips and suggestions can help you save money during your time in college. You can also use these frugal tips after you complete your time in college and enter the career field of your choice.