Promising trend: Rise in number of jobs in Calgary


The latest reports by Statistics Canada have projected a positive growth trend in jobs in the country. A number of provinces have registered exponential growth in the number of jobs in the recent months. Despite the impact of oil price crash, Alberta stands aloof in terms of job opportunities throughout Canada.


This year alone, Calgary recorded a 4.0% increase in job opportunities. This translates to about 30,000 newly created positions. These slots are in the transport, energy, health and wellness sectors of the local economy.

Since the time of the great crash in global oil and gas prices, economic diversification has helped the city of Calgary a great deal. New economic sectors have emerged thereby making the city less dependent on oil and gas. Some of these sectors include:

  • Tourism
  • Health and wellness
  • Chemicals
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Real estates

These sectors have more than tripled the number of jobs in Calgary over time. Statistics Canada has associated this growth in employment opportunities to the sudden rise in demand for personnel.

New jobs in the city

The city of Calgary has experienced radical shift in jobs and job opportunities. The various opportunities and jobs in the city are cross cutting through a number of sectors. Some of the jobs that are currently appealing to masses in the city include:

  • Engineering
  • Software developers
  • Elevator installation


This is the most competitive of professions in Alberta. Chemical, petroleum and mining engineers are highly demanded in this part of the globe.  Energy companies like Suncor Energy, BP Canada and even TransCanada are ever seeking these professionals. Chemical companies like Dow Chemicals and Nova Chemicals are also on the look-out for highly qualified chemical engineers. You have the right qualifications in these fields, you now know where to cast your nets.

Software developers

Software development is defining all aspects of technology today. In Calgary, these experts are highly regarded. They design, test and even research on new approaches for operationalizing certain aspects of companies and other organizations.

The level of qualification is also very relative. Some companies only source for highly qualified experts. Others on the other hand only require high school graduates. Evidently, this profession requires plenty technical skills if one is to remain very competitive and relevant to trends.

Elevator installation

This might sound quite simple a profession, yet that is not true. In fact, elevator installation is very risky in terms of injury predisposition. It is important to note that this profession extends to other aspects like escalators, chairlifts, moving walkways and many more.

The goodness with elevator installation is that not much qualifications is necessary. In fact there is an apprenticeship program that involves on-job training and classroom sessions. The income range for these professionals is $75,000 to $101,500. So you see, it is very well-paying a profession after all!

Jobs in Calgary are plenty. Just choose carefully and be sure to get the best out of Calgary.