Native Advertising: A New Career Opportunity for Digital Marketers


At the moment, many marketers have to contend with an increasingly common problem called “banner blindness”. It simply means that consumers are so oversaturated with ads that they are no longer taking them seriously. This is why a new advertising channel known as native advertising has been developed. It enables marketers to create and strategically position content experiences in front of the audiences at the right time. The best part is that it’s definitely working. Before we delve deep into the topic, let us first define what native advertising is.

What is native advertising?

Simply put, native advertising is the digital equivalent of old advertorials that used to appear in newspapers and magazines. But it differs fundamentally from old ads in the sense that it is primarily designed to entertain rather than to sell.

It provides a way for a brand to blend itself with the cool content that users are looking for, without necessarily disrupting their user experience. In other words, native advertising is a kind of paid media where the ad aligns itself with the form and function where it has been placed. These ads do not look or feel like advertisements at all. instead, they are user-friendly content experiences which brands design to engage who are already in the mode of consuming the content.

Quickly mentioning the brand at the start of the content or at the end will barely make an impression. This is certainly not when the content itself is so easily digestible and entertaining.

A Career in Native Advertising

Since native advertising is a new concept that is just starting to take root, it has many opportunities that you can take advantage of. There are many native advertising jobs to apply and these include entry-level jobs and even top executives jobs. Some of the jobs include Email Marketing Developer, Digital Designer and Business Development Director among other top jobs.

If you have ever harboured dreams of pursuing a career in digital advertising, native advertising could be the best thing for you. It still has lots of untapped opportunities and it’s a field that will definitely grow.

How to kick-start your career in native advertising

So you want to go into native advertising? It is important to know where to look for openings. You may want to check newspapers and other job adverts but they are not the best solutions. The best way to look for a job in this sector is to check out the websites of recruitment firms that deal specifically with native advertising. While there are many out there, not all of them can guarantee you best results. One company that I can recommend is They helped me find a richly rewarding career in native advertising. They have a lot of connections with employers and so have many job openings. Just check their website and see the jobs that have been advertised.

Why the Future is Bright for Native Advertising

There is little doubt about the fact that native advertising has great future. According to research carried out by MandLoys, 70% of internet users would rather learn about a brand or a company through content. It’s also true that older advertising models are simply not working. People seldom click on banners by choice and 7 in ten pre-rolls are likely to be skipped.

In other words, the only way that companies can effectively engage customers is by running content-driven campaigns. They also need to ensure that the content gets to large audiences exactly when and where the audiences want the contents most.

Fortunately, native advertising does this brilliantly. This only means increased native advertising jobs and openings. Here are reasons why the future is bright for native advertising:

Social native adverts will account for greatest share of native advertisement revenues during this time period although native-style adverts will experience the fastest growth.
Native display ads, for instance the splashy native ads seen on Yahoo’s news apps and pages, will experience the fastest growth.
Social-native, which include sponsored tweets on Twitter and Facebook News Feed adverts, will draw the biggest part of native ad revenue from the years 2013-2018.

Consumers generally hold native advertising positively, if research data are anything to go by. However, publishers and advertisers still need to ensure relevancy of ads and that they are bought by trustworthy and reputable brands so as to avoid the possibility of backlash.

Sponsored content, for instance the paid sections of The New York Times and BuzzFeed, has generated significant attention.

Native adverts generally perform better compared to traditional display. This is more so on mobile platform. Desktop native CTRs (click-through rates) 0.15%, with native-mobile ads having click-through rates of more than 1 percent. This is according to data provided by Celtra and Polar Media Group.

Bottom line

Native advertisement may be relatively new but it is very effective. In fact, all indications are that it will really take off in 2016 and moving forward. It has a bright future and therefore is a very prospective career. If digital; marketing is your thing, you may want to consider pursuing a career in native advertising. This is a budding industry with lots of potential.

There are different types of native advertising jobs. Your best bet of finding an opening in this sector is through hooking up with a top recruitment firm that primarily focuses on native advertising jobs. Most of these top recruitment firms have connections that make it easy for you to land a job. In addition, they will also teach you what you need to do to impress your potential employer. This is because they only succeed when you succeed. They will be at your side and do everything possible so that you get that job.

If you want a richly rewarding career in marketing, why not give native advertising a try? Sign up with a top recruitment firm, submit your CV and academic testimonials and wait for your day with the employer. This might be a life-changing moment for you. Ditch traditional job adverts such as newspapers and link up with a well respected recruitment company like and they will help you find the job of your dreams. It is as easy as that.

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