Improve your dogging and rigging skills by attending online courses


The Dogging and the Rigging service is an essential service to most of the industries and it will be provided by the licensed professionals. People who like to choose this career have to complete the relevant course from the recognized academies. Though, it is a critical profession the valid course completion is mandatory. In the training, the candidates can learn all the essential concepts and can have practical experience. Without completing a valid course, it is not possible to become as Dogger and the course should be attended in the best academies like It is an online academy, which provides various Dogging and Rigging course Perth to the users. The online academy provides plenty of course to the users and they can choose any one of them.

imagesWhat is Dogging & Rigging?

It is an operation, which is used to safely attach the loads to the cranes by using the proper equipment for lifting or moving. This service is vital for the construction, harbors and for most of the industries. Only the licensed Dog men will be allowed to handle such operations due to safety & security policies. It requires unique dogging skills and planning and that’s why it is must to possess valid certificate from the registered training academies. During the course, the users can amplify the necessary skills to prepare the plan and execute the safe Dogging or Rigging work. The training will be given to the users as prescribed by the National Standard authority.

Training courses for users:

The online academy provides different course for its users and it will be given to them based on their field experience & skill. The users who already posses the valid license for dogging and rigging have to attend the higher level courses to amplify their talent. The list of courses offered by the online academy is given below.

  • Dogging: The pre-requisite for the rigging training will be given to the candidate. The fresher are also eligible to attend the course. Both theory and practical classes will be conducted for 5 days.
  • Rigging Basic: It is a comprehensive course and it also has the same duration as basic course and it includes the topic about Work safe. The candidate must hold a Dogging License to attend this course.
  • Rigging Intermediate: This course is given only to the experiences riggers. The candidates should complete the basic rigging course. Duration of this course is three days.
  • Combined Rigging & Dogging basic: It is an intensive course and the time efficient course for the experienced riggers.
  • On-Site Training: The training will be provided to the users in the real situation. The users can get free quote for the service from the online portal. It is a customized option for the users.

Getting trained from the Dogging and Rigging course Perth is very important to both fresher and experienced employees. The users can directly enroll for the courses by using the course calendar option.