How to write a socio-economic short essay


Just like the other areas, also for the socio-economic short essay you will receive supplied, together with the track, a file: it is a set of useful documents to better understand the argument that you will then develop in the drafting of the short essay. As for the socio-economic field the tracks and as a result the files are frequently focused and willingly themes drawn from the reality that we live on our skin every day.


The documents contained in the dossier socioeconomic short essay are newspaper articles, statistics, essays and surveys of scholars in the field. Covering purely social issues (such as immigration, globalization, the economic crisis) is not difficult to develop an assumption about whether, over the past few months, there has been documented on these issues by reading newspapers or specialized books, inquiring online about what happens in the world. This will have a broader view on certain issues and avoid writing something trivial or slightly true. In fact, the proposed documents, covering the economy and society, may contain specific terms, not easily understood by all students.

The structure

When you are handed the track and the dossier of your socioeconomic short essay, the first things you have to do will be…

  • Read the track and the documents carefully
  • Emphasize that in the documents you seem more relevant
  • To relate the sources to each other, in order to understand the connections, similarities, and differences
  • Divide the sources into categories, depending on the argument that support

Once thoroughly analyzed the entire contents of the dossier, it will come to the time to take a stand. From the topic of the track, what is your thought? This will be the question that you will need to bring, of course helping you with ideas that will be offered by the documents. Once you have chosen “a side”, select the sources that will help to cite to support your thesis, and those, which are contrary to your thinking. If you want to write, your best essay on socioeconomic, then your essay should be structured as follows…

  1. Title
  2. Introduction and presentation of the topic
  3. Thesis: You will have to exert your thoughts about the proposed topic, corroborating it with quotations from documents that you were given together with the track
  4. Summary: Finally, always helping you with the documents in the file, you will need to restate your thesis, which must be as little as possible amenable to denials: strengthened by the collision with the antithesis, which will come out the winner, your thinking will be to such convincing as to appear impregnable
  5. Conclusion: Add, in addition to what you find in the sources, something that comes from your cultural background; surely be appreciated by the teacher and / or the Board.

Once you find everything you need to develop your short essay of the socio-economic sphere and to support your thesis, you can start writing. Remember, above all, to organize your ideas in a lineup, following the structure that we have shown you above. Indicates the points at which you plan to insert citations from the file, so you do not forget about the time of writing.

The apparent simplicity of the theme, often strongly linked to current events, it should not deceive. Choose carefully the views to be taken or thesis to prove to look for a fresh and personal approach. Again because of the issue may simply fall into the trap of originality at all costs and would be a real shame. Remember not to overdo it and that, in any case, you always have to argue objectively and referring to sources in the outline.