How to Make a Small Dorm Feel Bigger


It’s time to go back to school, and whether you’ve getting into a dorm for the first time or you’re a returning student, there’s a lot of planning to do to make your dorm livable. Part of the planning process is learning how to live in a smaller space, but you can use the tips below to make the most of the space you’re given.

  • Find out the size of the room: if you can determine the dimensions of your dorm and closet, it can make it easier to find the right college dorm furniture new haven ct. After all, you don’t want to get to school only to discover that your stuff won’t fit into the space!
  • Pack lightly: No matter how much you want to, you can’t bring all your belongings to your dorm. Just pack the essentials, along with odds and ends like pictures. It’s just as important to consider what you leave behind as it is to decide what you should bring.
  • Find smaller versions of some items: Consider trading your clunky desktop PC for a tablet or laptop. Buy a small stereo instead of your wall unit. Put your music, books and movies on your mobile device. By finding ways to cut down on clutter, you can maximize the space you have.
  • Raise furniture for extra storage: A great thing about beds, sofas and other used furniture new haven ct is that it can be raised high enough to store items underneath. You might have to work to get into bed, but your room will be less cluttered.
  • Use multipurpose items: Whether it’s an end table that can double as a shelf, or an ottoman with storage, multipurpose items create more space. The furniture doesn’t have to be boring; if you search long enough, you can find creative pieces.
  • Consider space-savers: Racks can store clothing, school supplies, and other stuff you need but don’t want in the main living area. If your dorm doesn’t have shelving installed, consider buying a small hutch to create more storage space without taking up much room.
  • Bring smaller posters instead of large ones: In a college dorm, there’s only so much wall space. Instead of plastering the walls with huge posters, choose prints which are smaller. These small prints can still be a great icebreaker with a new roommate, but there’ll be more space on the wall.

Going to college can be exciting, but it can be hard to decide what to bring. With the tips above, you can decorate and furnish your dorm room and make it feel like home. By being creative, you can make the most of the space you’re given.