How to Choose the Most Effective Mosquito Repellent


Being bitten by mosquitoes can be quite annoying. Add to that the possibility of getting struck by diseases that these flying insects can bring about like malaria, dengue fever, equine, and encephalitis among others, you would definitely want to find ways on how you can get them off of your skin. It is a good thing that there are now products like Australian mosquito repellent that you can use these days to ensure that you will have better protection against these flying nuisance.

One of the benefits that one can get out of using insect repellents is the fact that they will reduce the possibility of you getting exposed to mosquitoes and their bites. When used right, you will be able to avoid those instances where you have to continuous deal with pesky mosquitoes and not have to be constantly troubles that these bites may be transmitting some unwanted disease to you. Thus, being in the outdoors is going to be more fun since you will not always have to worry about these insects and their bites.

It is important to use these products when you have to go outdoors. This is even true even if you will only expect to be outside for a few minutes only. These insects tend to grow in numbers especially during the warm months. This is why, it is important for you to better protect yourself against bites by applying the right products on parts of your body that you are going to be exposed.

Buying the right products should be what you must be most concerned of. The market offers a wide variety of choices for you to select from. But you need to be sure that the options you do end up with will live up to your expectations. Making sure that the product that you will choose contain the necessary ingredients to really ensure that the person using them is better protected against these mosquito bites.

Among the most common repellents that can be purchased in the market these days are those that have DEET as an active ingredient. DEET or diethyl-meta-toluamide was developed in the year 1946. It is very effective and even today; it still forms as one of the most active part in many repellents in the market. It has since been proven to be effective in the prevention of bites. It is also expected to remain effective for several numbers of hours. It can be oily to the feel though and may sometimes cause irritation to one’s eyes and other body areas.

Repellents with picaridine as active ingredients will be another choice as well.  This is one product that has since been available since 1998. It has been recommended by WHO and is said to have the same or even superior effects as that of repellents with DEET as the main active ingredient. This is a product that can actually repel a wide number of insects. It is not oily and is quite safe when used on kids. However, the name of the product can be quite hard to remember.  In addition, it may need to be reapplied every six to eight hours.