How to become a bookkeeper? Overview of the certificate programs in Toronto


The range of certificate programs

In most cases, training centers offer such certificate programs as “Accountant of small and medium-sized businesses”, “accountant and the independent balance”, “Accounting and Taxes for the entrepreneur”, “Accounting for computer (1C: Enterprise).” Characteristically, that the accounting software “1C” are taught in the separate courses – “1C: Enterprise”, “1C: Accounting”, “1C: Trade and Warehouse”, “1C: Salary and Personnel.” Today, the most popular two types of certificate programs in Toronto: for those who are not close with the computer – the basic certificate course of bookkeeping + PC + course of “1C: Accounting” and more challenging course designed for those who has already know PC perfectly – the basic course of bookkeeping + “1C: Accounting” + training certificate course for drawing up the necessary documents.

What need to know the future accountant?

When choosing the certificate programs in Toronto, you should be noted that after the training you need to own a set of basic knowledge and skills needed to work as an accountant at the enterprises of any form of ownership. And this way you should choose the certificate programs which include both theoretical and practical parts. It is very important, especially for beginners bookkeepers, during the selection of the certificate programs, to pay attention if there is the topic of relations of the companies with the regulatory authorities (tax authorities) in the process of studying.

So, after the end of the standard base certificate programs, the graduate should be able to independently: provide the reception and control of primary documentation; keep records of fixed assets, inventory items, the cost of production, financial results and their distribution; make payroll accounting; prepare and fill out the different reporting forms; Some training centers also offer refresher courses for bookkeepers, where you can get acquainted with the changes in tax, accounting and audit, where the professionals train you the economic analysis and financial management.

How much time will take the trainings by the certificate programs in Toronto?

Almost all training programs offer training 3 times a week for 4 academic hours per day. There are classes in the morning (from 9.00 to 12.00), afternoon (from 14.00 to 17.00) and evening groups (18.00 to 21.00), and the Weekend Group (Saturday and Sunday). Depending on the course, students are engaged in 40 – 80 semester hours (3.5 – 6.5 weeks).

For those who are already working as a bookkeeper

Training courses are usually paid by the employer, directing the staff for training. Getting a job as an accountant, be sure to stipulate with your employer the questions of paid educational leave. However, a lot of companies prefer to conduct the certification and re-certification of workers in the form of examination.

Sheri Wade, professional bookkeeper and the freelance journalist has overviewed the certificate programs Toronto and gives tips on how to become a good bookkeeper. Pay attention to this career! Frequently certificates for bookkeepers programs can be obtained at private entrepreneurs to better understand how to conduct their business.

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