How Bootcamps and Wilderness Therapy Teach Kids How to Succeed


Your teen is now at an age where he is aggressively acting out. Your parenting approach is not working, and you need an alternative. Boot camps, or wilderness therapy, can teach your child ways to cope with their feelings in a positive, more respectful way. According to Wood Creek Academy, physical work and therapy can help bring your son back to the boy he used to be.


Programs or schools for troubled boys are a way to remove them from their destructive environment. Boot camp and wilderness therapy offers a wide variety of challenges in nature that build self-esteem and positive relationships. Programs that work best use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This type of therapy will not only help your child discover the root of their self-destructive behavior but will teach him to change his thinking to react in a more healthy way.

A boot camp for teenagers is designed as a means to gain back control of your disobedient teen. By putting your teen in physically and emotionally demanding situations, they will soon understand they are capable of overcoming adversity. Their positive behavior will be rewarded by both staff and with an increase in personal self-worth.

Boot camp and wilderness therapy programs are most successful, as a means of help for troubled boys, when using a personalized approach. Taking into account the teen’s individual needs and learning style will help counselors to build a therapy program around your child, ensuring the most positive outcome.