Getting the Most Out of Becoming an Owner-Operator


After gaining the experience you need to become a successful truck driver, your next fork in the road is deciding whether or not you want to become an owner-operator.

As an owner-operator, you know that things will change for you. The opportunity to create your own flexible schedule will be much easier, as well as the decision of when, where, and how many loads you will want to take each day. It’s important to get the most out of your decision so that you can be sure you make a good one.

Find the Best Rates

Don’t sell yourself short as an owner-operator or settle with a trucking company that isn’t willing to give you the best rates for your time. Once you’ve begun gaining the experience you need to make such a big decision, you deserve to receive the best pay possible that will help you lead a successful lifestyle as a truck driver.

Compare rates with each company to make sure that you are receiving the best percentage possible. If a load isn’t worth the time it would take for you to travel, you should be allowed to reject the opportunity or find a better one that will suit your needs.

Create a Flexible Schedule

Find out the best routes that work for you without taking up too much of your time or life. Just because you are an owner-operator does not mean that you need to live to work. You want to continue enjoying driving a truck instead of dreading each trip you make, so make a schedule that will work for you and will include time to spend with your family or on your own.

For example, find a company that will offer you hot shot loads if you’re trying to get the most amount of work done in a short period of time. Expedited trips can help you still find rates that pay the best while allowing you to make it in time to catch some family events or take time off to enjoy your own personal activities.

Becoming an owner-operator with hot shot carriers shouldn’t take up your entire life. If you feel like you’re finally ready to take the plunge, don’t hesitate to do a little searching before settling down with a company, so that you’re comfortable with whoever you choose to work with.