Everything You Should Know about the Real Benefits of Having a Career in Criminology


For most of us, taking a career path entails a lot of thinking and planning, and hard work as well. But with all the notable careers and jobs out there, why should you consider a career in criminology? Criminology, as you may know, is the study of criminals and their crimes in relation to science, society, the law, and government. If you are involved in the field or study of criminology, you have a plethora of opportunities open to you when it comes to exciting, stimulating, and interesting work, particularly in the fields of law enforcement, psychology, and more. If you want to become a criminologist, you would need to have a solid background – a more than working knowledge – of sociology and psychology as well as the science behind crime.

If you want to take a career path in criminology, you should also be aware of the real benefits to this type of career:

Guest PostThe ability to solve crime

The first and foremost benefit brought by being a criminologist is your increased ability to solve various types of crimes. With a criminology background and studies, you will have gained an increased understanding of the various motivations for committing a crime, an awareness of the types of personalities that have the propensity to commit crime, and knowledge of how victims are feeling and coping with a crime.

As a criminologist, you will be able to look for and assess details and patterns to help solve these crimes. When it comes to solving crime, you can either become a police officer, a therapist, a counselor in prison, a medical examiner, a government agent, and more.

The opportunity to prevent crime

By being an expert in criminology, you also have the unique opportunity to aid in crime prevention. How? By being able to predict various patterns in criminal behaviour through a criminal’s background, their past and present circumstances, their social and economic status, their emotional and mental health, and a host of other important factors that may lead them to crime. Since you have more knowledge about criminals and how and why crime is committed, you have the unique capacity to work with and counsel individuals or assist in the therapy of those who may have a propensity for crime. As a criminology expert, you would also be able to help in the public’s awareness of crime and develop and create programmes geared towards crime prevention.

An interesting, exciting, and intellectually-stimulating career choice

As a criminologist, you will often deal with unexpected events and happenings which contribute to the excitement of the job. You also have the added advantage of being able to apply exactly what you have learned in school to a real-life event or occurrence. Whilst you may also spend time in an office, as a criminologist, you also have the opportunity to work in the field, work in different places, and meet different people.

Criminologists also rely greatly on their intellectual skills, especially when it comes to research, analysing, and reasoning. Since you may be faced with a different set of challenges every day, this helps you stay focused and intellectually-stimulated. As a criminology expert, you will not only examine criminals and their crimes – you will also review various cases, solve problems, and even write and make reports and detailed assessments.

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