Earn Your Wings by Going through Full Flight Training with These Great Programs


There was a time when airlines hired trainee pilots. They paid them a salary and provided all the flight training until those pilots were ready to fly the companies’ planes. However, there has been a huge change in how airlines recruit.

Today, most airlines will only employ pilots who are already fully trained. Would-be pilots usually have to pay for their own training, and that will cost tens of thousands of dollars. There are various programs available to trainees that help them further their careers. For example, the Aviation Triad in Greensboro NC provide training in many different aspects of aviation.

1. Starting off

Every airplane pilot starts off by learning to fly a basic, single engine aircraft. Pilots must also learn aviation theory. They must undergo flight tests and ground tests before they receive a Private Pilot’s License (PPL). Flight training facilities will have programs leading to the PPL

2. The next step

Once in possession of a PPL, pilots can take different paths to gaining more qualifications. Those wanting to become airline pilots will usually try to get a Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL) next.

Once they have obtained a CPL, they are entitled to fly for reward. This gives them a way to part-finance their ongoing training. In addition, the hours they fly count towards the total they will need to get an airline pilot qualification.

Commercial pilots can earn money in a variety of ways. They can ferry aircraft between airfields, they can operate as charter pilots, and they can become flying instructors.

3. Instrument rating

Pilots must obtain an instrument rating before they can fly through cloud. Without this rating, they are severely restricted as to when and where they can fly.

4. Multi-engine rating

Nearly all aircraft operated by airlines have at least two engines, and pilots must undergo training and certification to be able to fly twin-engine planes.

5. Air Transport Pilot’s License (ATPL)

Airlines will normally only recruit people who have achieved an ATPL. This requires many hundreds of hours flying experience, and success in many different theory tests.

Before pilots can progress through the different levels, they will have to be medically certified. People with certain conditions may be prohibited from flying solo, and may never be able to qualify.

You can achieve all these qualifications in Greensboro. If you need more information, contact a flight training facility there, or check out the various requirements from the FAA’s website.