Celestial world and its many theories


Being young and naïve has its own privileges that are far and beyond than being older and wiser. Sure, being independent and away from higher and senior authorities and living life solely on your own term sounds like an exciting adventure to live. You have no one to answer to but yourself. However, being young and not have any worries other than what snack you are going to munch on later, has its own perks and pros. At that peaceful age, you hardly think about the world in its most gruesome and cruel ways. You think all there exists in the world outside your doors is one that is filled with rainbows, sunshine and unicorns. However, physicists, cosmologists, and theologists have a very different and a very altered and dark view on how actually the world came into being and how exactly the cosmic order and the planetary world that we read about now exists.

Many well known physicists, theologists, philosophers and even mathematicians have made their fair share of additions into the body of knowledge relating to cosmology, planetary studies and metaphysics. The Summa Metaphysica is also the efforts of one those theories that are developed on the basis of potential theory. There is a constant war taking place in the minds of intellectuals about the universe’s existence, the great plan of God and the existence of so much evil in our world. It is a confusing and debatable topic that God allows so much evil to exist in our world. The galaxies that lie beyond ours and the worlds that are unknown to us are some of the topics on which many theories are made. Many philosophers have made their strongest arguments on these theories. People who have an interest in questioning the boundaries of knowledge and physics often enjoy these reads.