Are You Prepared to Become a Manager?


Do you have your eye on the nice office with the spectacular view that is occupied only by management personnel? Are you beginning to see yourself as a manager with additional responsibilities that help to enhance the growth and development of your company? Then it’s time to reflect upon your abilities and to question yourself about your readiness for the next management opportunity that becomes available. Let’s look at some areas that you need to pay attention to before you prepare your CV for review by upper management.

Guest Post

  1. The first area to question is your ability to delegate tasks to other employees. Have you taken management courses and do you feel prepared to teach your employees how to efficiently handle a job that you give them? You can’t get bogged down in day to day minutiae which will impact the effectiveness with which you handle your job.
  2. Can you make the hard decisions? Did your HR courses instruct you how to handle difficult employees with tact and professionalism? Can you reprimand or fire employees, evaluate their work, and challenge them to improve their production for your company? These are all tasks that managers must face on a regular basis; your decisions will ultimately impact the life of not only your employee but all of those who depend on them for their livelihood.
  3. Are you a good listener? Your employees will expect you to pay attention to what they are discussing; you should also be able to “hear” what is not being said by employees by the nonverbal clues that they are sending your way. You’ll have to know which questions will elicit the information that you need to make the right decision. By listening carefully to your staff members they will feel respected and trust you to make the right decision for them. One of the most important things that you can do as a manager is to listen to your employees no matter what they want to discuss with you; it’s the key to what they are thinking and how they feel about the workplace.
  4. As a manager, will you be able to put your personal feelings aside and make a decision that is best for the company? It’s important to think about how you will handle poor performances, someone that you dislike, and employees who create dissent amongst other employees. You’ll have to control your emotions, base your decisions on facts, and remain as positive as you can in all situations. You will also have to leave personal problems or struggles outside your office door so that you can think clearly and handle all issues professionally.

Being a manager isn’t an easy job but it will be rewarding once you establish yourself and the policies by which you work. Climbing the corporate ladder will require a great deal of work, formal training with classes that prepare you for challenges, and a pleasant attitude as you deal with your staff.