5 Study Session Success Tips for College Students


Those long hours of studying are a core component of the college experience. It’s not enough to merely show up to class each day at Long Island University, much of your success with quizzes and assignments is going to be predicated upon the work you do outside of the classroom with homework and test preparation. Whether you do it as part of a group or by yourself into the wee hours of the morning getting your assignments ready with AU Online, there are some simple steps to take to ensure that you are getting the most out of those study sessions. Give these five tips for study session success a look before you buckle down next time.


  1. Timing is Everything

Deciding when you plan to study can be one of the more crucial aspects of getting the most out of your study session. Finding a time where you won’t be distracted, don’t have any pressing commitments, and, above all, are the most awake and alert will prove highly beneficial when it’s time to crack the books. This is even more important if you’re getting a group together. Setting a time limit for that session will not only keep everyone focused on the matter at hand but will also ensure that every topic or assignment is sufficiently covered by all.


  1. Take Good Notes

It can’t be overstated but getting good notes in class is one of the most vital ways of getting the most out of your study sessions. Your class and lecture notes are the tool with which you can review everything that was covered each day in class so that it’s fresh and accurate in your head. Of course, that accuracy depends on how meticulous you are about writing it all down in class. The better you are about making sure your notes are exact and complete, the more useful they will be when it comes time to study.


  1. Set an Agenda

This is especially important when you’re working with a study group but it goes for those solo sessions as well. Make a list of the topics you want to cover before you start, this way you won’t wander from one subject to the next and you can get the maximum benefit from your study time. This will also help you organize and prepare your study materials in anticipation of starting a session, so you have everything you need and won’t become distracted by trying to find that all-important set of notes or reading handout given in class.


  1. Switch it Up

Studying in the same place over and over can not only become a bore but it can also diminish the efficacy of your study time. Selecting different locations from time to time will not only give you a much-needed change of scenery to keep your mind fresh and ready to learn, but it will help you associate your studies with that locale. This can help you remember the information much clearer and quicker when it’s time to take that test.


  1. Don’t Underestimate Sleep

We don’t always think of getting enough sleep when we’re up all night cramming for that exam. But on those days where you just don’t feel as if you’re retaining anything that you’ve learned, the reason may be due to a serious lack of sleep. Our brains need rest and the more of it that you give the brain, the better it works and reacts to stimuli and information. So recharge as much as you can before you start studying in college.