5 Effective Study Hacks for College Students


In college, it’s all about studying smart so that you don’t have to study too hard. Of course, you are going to have to study a lot of the time if you want to do well in college, but there are a lot of ways that you can increase your chances of understanding your material by implementing tried and true study habits. Here are 5 effective study hacks for college students.

  1. Record and Transcribe

One of the best ways to really ensure that you take the best notes is to record your lectures on your phone and then transcribe your notes later. This way you can really hear everything your professor is saying the first time because you won’t be distracted with recording notes. Plus, when you go back to transcribe the notes, you will be hearing it a second time and you will really be able to get it all down and rewind if you need to.

  1. WriteChapter Summaries

Whenever you finish a chapter in any of your textbooks, you want to make sure to summarize the entire chapter on one page or less. This will really solidify your knowledge in the key points of the chapter, so that you can make sure that you understand it well enough to really boil it down to the most salient points. If you can’t reduce it all to one page or less, then it’s a good sign that you don’t yet understand the main gist of the chapter.

  1. Highlight and Copy

Whenever you are doing your required reading, you always want to be sure that you have a highlighter in hand. You are going to have to write a lot of papers in college, whether you go to University of Southern California or San Francisco State. That’s why you want to be sure that you’re always looking out for your concrete details and poignant excerpts. When you find those citations, be sure to highlight them and stick a flag on the page. Then go back and copy all those citations in your notes, being sure to make note of page numbers.

  1. Copy Notes for Other Students that Need Assistance

At most schools, you can actually get paid for taking good notes. It’s true. There are a lot of students who have disabilities that restrict their ability to take effective notes. If this is the case in any of your courses, you could get paid for taking thorough notes and making photocopies for students in need. Not only will this offer you a nice little supplementary income, but when you know that your notes are not only for you, you will be sure that you really do a good job.

  1. Request Study Guides

You always have the right to a study guide for any exam that you take. If your professor doesn’t give one in class or direct you to one on their website, then it’s a good idea to visit during office hours. You can email your professor ahead of time to inform them that you are in need of a study guide, that way they are prepared with one when you arrive. You can get all kinds of direction from your professor so that you don’t waste any time studying information that is superfluous.