5 Benefits of Getting an Ivy League Education


Not every student is interested in attending an Ivy League school.  Some aren’t going into professions that would warrant this level of education (or student loan debt).  Others simply don’t have the grades necessary to gain admission.

However, there are a number of highly motivated students that dream of surpassing their peers in order to gain admission to this elite level of higher education.  There are many benefits to be gained in the process.  Here are a few excellent reasons to shoot for an Ivy League education.

  1. Elite Level Instruction

Ivy League schools are best known for academic excellence.  They only accept the best, brightest, and most motivated students, and the professors on staff are often top in their field, with education, experience, published works, and overall acclaim to write glowing recommendation letters.

By attending an Ivy League school, you stand to learn your trade from the top intellectuals and achievers in your chosen industry or field.  Although Ivy League schools are difficult to get into and expensive to attend, the level of education you receive is worth jumping through a few extra hoops.

  1. Networking

Regardless of where you go to college, there are two major aspects of the experience that play a role in starting and sustaining a career: academic and social.  Naturally, the academic elements of your college experience should take precedence – after all, you’re there to learn.

However, socializing in college is a great way to create a network of colleagues and friends that can be tapped into after graduation when it comes time to seek gainful employment, undertake professional collaborations, or even kick off a business venture.  In other words, it’s important to form relationships with peers.

As part of an Ivy League education, you’ll find yourself rubbing elbows not only with fellow students of the same intellectual caliber, but perhaps with industry notables as well as from renowned professors to business leaders and even celebrities.  This will allow you the opportunity to build a unique social network of contacts that could help your career down the road.

  1. High Quality Internships

Whether you attend New England College, UCLA, or Columbia University, chances are you’ll have the opportunity to apply for a variety of internships.  What’s the difference when you’re a student at an Ivy League institution?

Because Ivy League schools are known for their exacting standards and academic prowess, they are better equipped to wheel and deal with major corporations in order to create internship opportunities for students.  You could, therefore, gain access to internships at much more prominent companies.

  1. Job Opportunities

Perhaps the greatest benefit of an Ivy League education is the job opportunities that will arise following graduation.  Not only do many companies actively recruit Ivy League students, but you’ll also gain notice and probably favorable treatment just for having the school listed on your resume.  There’s a reason Ivy League schools have such high rates of job placement.

  1. Prestige

Bragging rights aside, the prestige associated with Ivy League schools can open all kinds of doors once you enter the working world.  Just the fact that you attended Harvard or Yale can help you get a foot in the door and improve your chances of hire.

You’re also likely to curry favor with any higher ups that attended the same institution.  With a top-notch education under your belt, a massive network of elite contacts, and the prestige that comes with an Ivy League diploma, you’ll start your professional life on the right foot and greatly increase your chances of success.