10 Team Building Games That Can Boost Critical Thinking


Team building games are one of the many activities in private Christian schools that children can enjoy. Here are a few that can help students develop critical thinking skills.


  1. Come up with an imaginary disaster situation and get the kids to cooperate on finding a way out of it. You can make it as silly as you want – it could be a shipwreck or a zombie apocalypse. Give them a list of materials and some challenges to solve creatively together.
  2. Relay races are a classic cooperative game. You can make the obstacles as silly as possible, and the combination of cooperation and competition provides a fun challenge for the kids.
  3. A team building game that doesn’t require any supplies or even much instruction is the “human knot”, and kids love it. Have the kids stand in a circle and grab hands with one another. Here’s the catch, though – they cannot grab hands with the person adjacent to them. Once everyone is all twisted up, they can sort out how to untangle themselves cooperatively until nobody’s arms are crossed.
  4. Building games are another classic on the list of activities in private Christian schools. Divide the kids into groups, and give them each an equal amount of any sort of craft supplies or other objects – string, pipe cleaners, foam wedges, etc. Then have the teams try to build something – it could be a marble chute, a tower, or anything else you fancy.
  5. Another good circle game is “pass the hula hoop”. The kids stand in a circle holding hands, with a hula hoop placed around one kid’s arm. The objective is for the hula hoop to be passed around the circle without anyone letting go of each other’s hands.
  6. Place down a number of mats and have all of the kids stand on them. Slowly, remove one mat at a time until the place to stand shrinks and shrinks. See how they can cooperate in fitting everyone in the quickly shrinking space.
  7. A wheelbarrow race is also a fun way to manifest team spirit, even if it’s just teams of two. The “wheelbarrow” is created by one kid walking on their hands while the other holds their legs. Then, get ready to run!
  8. Likewise, three legged races allow kids to practice not only mental cooperation, but physical coordination. Each pair of kids ties one leg together, and off they go! Make sure to do this on a soft surface like a lawn, because there tends to be a lot of falling over with this game.
  9. An egg passing game is a great way to build trust and communication in a team environment. If eggs are too messy or gross, use something else that’s fragile, like a water balloon.
  10. Games with blindfolds are also always fun – they’re a great way to get kids trusting each other. Marco Polo is a great one to try.